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Skin and Waxing Services

Natural Peels and Holistic Skin Care Rituals

Natural Peels

Treatments that use naturally-occurring ingredients to brighten and

exfoliate. Our products contain fresh herbal and plant extracts as well as

antioxidant-rich formulas to work together, and penetrate the skin without

inflammation or irritation. Choose from the following peels:


For congested, oily, and break-out prone skin


For sun-damaged and aging skin


For all skin types
Signature FlorAlchemy Face and Neck Massage
A mini intro into the world of energy medicine with hand-selected flower essences, and calming essentials oils customized to inspire stillness, nurturing, and self love.

15 min $35

The FlorAlchemy Facial Ritual
Experience the beauty of this luxurious flower essence infused facial ritual with Crystal Gem Stone Therapy. This ritual begins with a custom selection of essences for your desired state of bliss, a jasmine-scented and rose nectar deep cleansing oil massage, crystal polish, extractions, Signature FlorAlchemy Face and Neck massage with essential oils. Lastly, this unique facial ends with an illuminating masque designed for radiance.

50 min $110

Microcurrent Treatment

Microcurrent Treatments combine ancient and modern technologies

through the application of safe, painless, and strategically placed

low-level electrical impulses. Bio-electric pulses synchronized to the

body’s own currents penetrate below the upper epidermal layer,

noticeably softening wrinkles and repairing highly-damaged skin.services6

Dermafile™ Treatment

Dermafiles™ are skin polishing and resurfacing tools made of stainless

steel and finely crushed cosmetic diamonds which are a popular

alternative to microdermabrasion. Lightly polishing the skin by hand, the

process safely removes the top layer of dead skin cells, and leaves your

skin feeling silky smooth, fresh and clean.services4

Waxing Services


Brow Ritual $25
A Customized Beauty Ritual that includes: brow reshaping, trimming, tweezing, and color fill in.
This ritual also includes inhalation and application of rare essential oils as well as flower essences to inspire inner peace.

Brow Reshaping $30
(This is determined by extensiveness of reshaping needed)

Upper Lip $12.00

Chin $15.00


Full Face $45.00


Arms-Underarms $25.00

Arms-Forearms $30.00


Basic $45.00

Extended $50.00-$75.00


Upper $45.00

Full $65.00


Lower $45.00

Full $65.00-$75.00

Appointments are reserved especially for you, so to avoid being charged the full price of the service, we require 24 hour notice for all cancellations.


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